Friday, January 28, 2011

Audible is having a sale on the first book of some popular series. I just picked up four books for under $20!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I know I've been pretty quiet lately. I have been doing stuff though. When Jennifer invited us to Ava's b-day party I asked what I could get her. Jennifer said, "anything. as long as it's not a stuffed animal. Except for Shaun the Sheep OR you could MAKE peep, quack, and chirp!" Riiiight. After Mary came in talking about peep, quack, and chirp I googled them. Hmm... Looks do-able. Obsessively Stitching had just done a long series on making stuffed Angry Birds, so I modified her pattern to make these:

Apparently it's a kids cartoon on PBS. The girls loved them. My children went nuts. After making these three birds I was harassed and cajoled by both of my children to make more birds. Knowing they had no clue who Peep, Quack and Chirp are I went ahead and made them Angry Birds. (They're from a video game, for anyone who is wondering) I now have orders for the tiny blue ones AND after my husband saw them he asked for one too. My plan is to make the whole set.

And sewing for myself.... First up a tunic from the Hilco Knip Mode.

The fabric is a stretchy meshy furry thing. Feels soft to the touch, but once I got it on it was pretty itchy. Not so much that I can't handle wearing it all day though.

Oh, I made the skirt too. It's canvas. I didn't think it would make a good skirt, but actually it's awesome! It has a nice weight to it and doesn't wrinkle too badly.

Next up McCall's 6120 with some striped knit from Hilco. I loooove this fabric.

Oh, I got my hair cut too. Right before the New Year.

Next to look forward to - Ethan is playing basketball. I have to get the pics off the camera and processed.

Katelyn's Famous Again!

Katelyn's Owl was on the Fabric Shopper Blog!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good-bye Student Loan!

In December of 2001 I graduated from Angelo State University with a Bachelour of Business Administration. January 2002 we moved to Germany and I started working for the Arts and Crafts program. In February of 2004 I became the Arts and Crafts Director for Stuttgart. I have used my degree every day since I started working here. Today I paid off my student loan. I am grateful to God every day for the path He had me follow, my education, and the job He gave me. I really like my job AND it's in Europe! So... good-bye student loan!