Sunday, February 21, 2016

A New Look

Hello! Welcome to the new look of KMS Handmade!

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I have been spending some time working on re-designing my brand and really putting together a cohesive image. Over the course of this evolution I have settled on a new name - KMS Handmade.

I have gone by Kelly's Korner since 2000! I thought it would be fun to share some of the early designs and show the evolution of my look over the years.

Kelly's Korner makes me think cute and cuddly. This was my logo in 2000.

(blurred my old address and phone number)

I was in college, freshly married, and had a newborn. I was crafting in my home and attending local craft shows including the Rail Head Trade Days in my hometown. My main craft at that time was polymer clay figurines.

I still have these two little bears. I have a few more pieces from that time period as well.

I also did some freelance computer work for people. I was very new to computer design and played around with business cards, birth announcements and stuff.

Two of the biggest jobs I got were to design a menu for a local restaraunt, and to type a book for the mayor that he self-published. 

In 2008 I learned about blogging and wanted to blog under the name Kelly's Korner. Unfortunately that blog was taken on Blogger, so I had to go with kellys-krafts, but I still titled it Kelly's Korner. 

And I got a new business card. I was experimenting with minimalism.
 (Actually they were free cards from Vista Print!)

From 2009 to 2011 I designed Digital Scrapbooking products under the name KD Designs.

My design skills were obviously greatly improved at that point, and I was experimenting with something a little more sophisticated. KD Designs stands for Kelly's Digital Designs. 

Here's how Kelly's Korner upgraded, thanks to the new style:

In 2013 my style started changing again to a more simplistic, geometric look.

This is where the kms abbreviation made its first appearance.

Then in 2013 I learned how to customize the favicon - the tiny little logo next to the website name at the very top of your browser. This was my first one:

And this is where I knew I was on to something.

For years I had wanted to get sewing labels for the things I make, but I didn't know what I wanted them to look like. So I didn't get anything. But the blog and that little kms got me thinking.

And kms handmade was born!

I had labels printed on white cotton over at, and I sew them into everything I make now. 

At my last job I couldn't sell crafts, because it was a conflict of interest. (Since I was in charge of all the contracts.) But now that I have changed jobs I have more freedom. And next month I will participate in my first craft show in YEARS! I am so excited!!

I wanted to have a nice look for the show, so I ordered new business cards that double as hang tags for the items I'll be selling.

I even ordered a couple of fun things just for me!

(The quilt block featured is the Star of Bethlehem.)

The name Kelly's Korner was great for the time, but I think my skills and my style have grown up since then. I think KMS Handmade fits where I am now and I LOVE the new colorful design, and the simplicity of the logo with the thread.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the evolution of a logo, and I look forward to sharing more handmade goodies with your here at the new and improved blog!