Saturday, January 10, 2015

Twister Quilt finally finished!

I started this quilt in October of 2012! Yikes. I actually had it finished and quilted by March of 2013, but never got it blogged.
 I started sewing the binding on by hand, and got half way finished. Then it sat for almost two years. That's so pathetic! I FINALLY finished it this month! It only had two sides of binding to finish stitching!
I used the line "Circa 1934" from Moda and used 2 layer cakes plus yardage to get all the fun pieced borders. The center of the back is a piece of fabric that looked like labels. I am so happy to have this quilt finished, and I love it!

I have taught the Twister as a class twice now. Today was the second time. I like to see how different fabric lines make such different quilts. 

This one used Batiks with a white border. It's very striking!

This one placed the blocks in a diagonal pattern which created an interesting effect with the pinwheels. 
 This is one of my favorites from the class last year. I love the rainbow, and the black in the border has multi-colored dots which looks awesome with the bright fabrics!
 I did blog about this mini heart version. In 2013. Where has time gone!?
All these quilts were made using the Twister Ruler, or the 'Lil Twister for the small one.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Crafting Statistics

I took some time off of work before Christmas, and then we got the 26th granted as a day off for federal employees. So I ended up with almost two weeks off of work! With all that free time, and no projects with deadlines, I spent a lot of time looking through my photos and playing with statistics! I hope you'll endulge me and enjoy my mosaics of all the sewing I did in 2014!


1 & 2. 1600 Quilts; 3. Briar Rose Quilt; 4. Lexington Kaleidoscope Quilt; 5. Trip Around the World; 6. Honey Honey Layer Cake Quilt; 7. Mandala Quilt; 8. Kaleidoscope Quilt; 9. Southwestern Chevron; 10. X and + Quilt; 11. Southerwestern Tiles Quilt; 12. You Zig, I'll Zag


1. Rain Jacket; 2. Star Wars PJs; 3. Bianca Dress; 4. Clover Pants; 5. Josephine Blouse; 6. Bianca Maxi Dress; 7. Maxi Skirt; 8. Maxi Dress; 9. Halloween Costumes; 10. Jedediah Pants; 11. PJ pants; 12. School House Tunic

Small Projects

1. XO Table Runner; 2. Valentine Mini; 3. Cathedral Window; 4. Swoon Pillow; 5. Pinwheel Table Runner; 6. Lexington Pillow; 7. Rock Candy Table Topper; 8. Backpack; 9. Plus Table Runners

Number crunching:

I was surprised by how many quilts I made in 2014! That's about one per month. Of course most of them are still just tops and not finished, but I still count that. This is probably not the most sewing I have ever done in one year, but it's still pretty productive! I really enjoy sewing and it's still my favorite pastime.

Future Sewing:

If I was to make a sewing resolution for 2015 it would be to get some quilt tops actually quilted and finished. I also have the Renfrow shirt pattern and the Jalie Jeans pattern that I need to try out. And I will make a couple more pairs of Jedediah pants for Rob.

Thanks for reading my blog, and for encouraging my hobbies!