Thursday, March 24, 2016

Craft Show

Life has been whizzing by since the last time I posted! At the beginning of March I participated in a craft show, the first time I have sold at one in YEARS! I wanted to make a good impression, so I worked pretty hard leading up to it. 

This quilt block, the Bethlehem Star, has basically become my logo. I made the one above as a mini quilt. It's only about 12" wide.

Below you can see the same star appliqued on my apron. 

Here's my booth set up! 
 I brought in some shelves from home to make it look like a specialty boutique instead of a table with some homemade stuff on it.
I printed the covers of the patterns I sell on Craftsy and hung them like mini quilts. I thought about having printed patterns, but didn't take the time to do that this time around.

Here's my little business cards in action. 
My daughter hung out with me part of the day. It was fun and really helpful to have her there with me.

I haven't blogged this quilt yet. I need to get the binding on it, and then it will be the next pattern I list for sale!
 Boho Pleated Bag
 I ordered these awesome eyelet zippers from Amazon. I seriously love them!
More zipper pouches. My business cards are also price tags. On the back I have room to say something about the item and write the price.
Microwaveable Bowl Potholders. Sadly I did not sell any of these! I think people didn't realize what they were for.
 The very last of my Circa 1934 fabric.
This table runner was the first thing that sold! I thought very hard before taking it to the show. But I have a whole queen sized quilt out of this fabric so I thought I would let someone else enjoy the table runner!
It really felt good to have people admiring my work and BUYING! It was a very small show, but I did well, and I had a blast!
The next show coming up is a big one, so I'll be sewing away to get ready!