Monday, September 19, 2011

Work Clothes Round 3

This picture is painful to post, but it was the best one out of the bunch. My dear sweet teenage photographer did NOT want to help me tonight, and by the time I realized all the pics were blurry it was dark. So... what are you gonna do.

The bodice is a black jersey and the skirt is a plaid knit I found at The pattern is Simplicity 2724 with some modifications.

Here's what I did:
Since the fabric was plaid I didn't want to cut all the pieces for the straight skirt. So instead I used the pattern for the a line skirt, but made it only as wide as the bodice piece (eliminating the pleats). That worked fine. And since it is knit I didn't put in the slit. After I had it all together I realized it pulled weird at the waist (the skirt part is heavy) and I needed an empire waist instead. So I made that modification, but then the hip was way up at my waist! Oops. So I had to take it in more on the sides. It's still a little funny under my arms and I'm not really sure why. But it's wearable and comfy. I made it a few weeks ago but had to wait for fall weather to wear it. There are some positive things to the colder weather here - like tall boots with new dresses. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Work Clothes Round 2

Another favorite pattern! This blouse is from a Knip Mode issue from Hilco from a couple of summers ago. I checked for a similar American pattern and found this New Look that is almost the same cut.

I added the ruffle with just bias strips sewn into the placket. I had trouble finding the right buttons so I ended up using five completely different buttons in the same shade of red. I love it! I used a stretch cotton poplin from I really love this shirt!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillows

I didn't know that tooth fairy pillows were uncommon, but apparently the little tooth shaped pillow I had as a child is not a staple of every household. A customer asked for a cute pillow for her daughter to use so I volunteered. I had so much fun making hers I made four more! I even embroidered these and sewed them all by hand! And enjoyed it! :)

Business Sewing

Got the first of my business attire finished.
Shirt: Simplicity 2975, super discounted knit from (seriously, it was under $3!)
Pants: Vogue 1051, pinstripe black

I also got a few other pieces finished but not photographed yet. I've been super busy at work the last two weeks, so my business clothes are getting a lot of wear!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Challenges

Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge

Collette Patterns is doing a fall color palette challenge, and I've decided to give it a go. Rob and I were talking about colors today and I mentioned that I had been liking yellow/green and then we had a discussion about what that color was called - at the end of which I just want to point out that I was right. :) He downloaded an app for iPhone called Peppermint that will identify any color in any picture you have on your phone and make color combinations with that color. After choosing the green here's the color combo I got:

That beige was supposed to be the green.... I fixed it later.

WOW! I love these colors! Well, I don't know about the pink... but grey, red, mustard, and chartreuse are all colors I have been buying and working with already.

There is another challenge going on called the Fall Essentials Sew Along, so that had me inspired too.

I'm trying to build up a more business-like wardrobe, so getting down to basics is what I need to be doing.

Here is my inspiration board for the Collette Color Challenge and the Fall Essentials Sew Along.

I also have a Sewing Inspiration board on Pinterest if you are interested.

I already have the yellow taken care of in my wardrobe, so I don't have plans to make anything yellow. But I added cream because I do have plans to make some cream shirts. And I even found the pink! Amy Butler has rayon now! The Fall Essentials has categories to help you plan the sewing. Here's how my plans line up:

Pinstripe Pants (started)
Pinstripe Cropped Pants (have fabric)
Gray Flounce Skirt (one done, have fabric for #2)
Blue jeans #2 (cut out)

Lace top (need to order lace)
Black and patterned top (not pictured)
Soul Blossoms top (need to order)
Bow front top (have fabric)
Diagonal hem shirt (have fabric, need pattern)
Collette Jasmine top (need to buy pattern)

Red plaid knit dress (have fabric)

Pink piggy pj pants (done)

Jackets (have fabric and patterns for all)
            Pinstripe Blazer
            Rain jacket 
            Red plaid jacket
            Blue jacket

That's a lot of sewing. Plus I have sewing for the kids I want to get done. Fall has already settled in here in Germany. (That's right. We got one stinkin week of summer!) So I had better get to sewing!