Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Count

This one is for Granny. She sent the kids these really nice capes for Christmas, and this is Ethan using his. So cute! Haven was trying hers on today too. It's more in the style of Little Red Riding Hood, so she was contemplating forming a band called "Little Red." I love my kids!

Friday, April 16, 2010

School Pictures

Ethan had school pictures taken on Wednesday and we got them today! That was so fast! I'm happy with them this year! Most of the time they don't let the kids open their mouths to smile, but I told Ethan, just tell them your mamma wants to see your teeth! Haha! Imagine me saying it with a Texas drawl... cuz that's what it sounded like! :) Without further ado... the boy!

I LOVE that crooked little smile! It looks just like mine!

He looks so much older than 5!

And this is Ethan's class. The kids are from Germany, Turkey, and two of them from the US. There are three total classes in the building. Ethan is in the same class (same teachers) that Haven had when she was in this kindergarten.

Tutorial - Making a Repeating Pattern

I made a tutorial for anyone interested in how I made the roses pattern.
Check it out at KD Designs.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Making Repeating Patterns

This may not seem that exciting, but it is to me! Corinnea keeps saying I need to try to print some fabric but the difference is with fabric you have to have a perfect repeating pattern. With scrapbook paper you don't. So I had a flash, a lightbulb moment, the other day where I realized how to make repeating patterns very easily. I have to admit, once I figured it out I felt pretty silly for not figuring it out earlier! Basically, I create the shape on one side, copy it, move it an exact distance from the first one (that depends on the repeat size) and then group them. Then no matter where I move them on the edge they make a perfect join. That may not make sense.... Just know that this is a huge deal for me because this was the obstacle I needed to get past to make patterns I might feel like printing on fabric!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coffee coffee coffee

I made it a week without coffee! Ok, that's a half truth. I did have two decafs. But that doesn't really count right? I know you all wish there were pictures of my amazingly cute kids here, but they are still on my camera, waiting to be downloaded. Instead you get this graphic from the graphics fairy website that is only funny to my family because they all know my maiden name is Younger! :) It would be even FUNNIER if it was Younger's TEXAS pride!

News of the day: Haven got her bottom retainer, I taught Photoshop to teenagers today and it was fun, Ethan thought it was hilarious to pretend he was going to wear his spongebob house shoes (big yellow square house shoes) to school, and Rob and I watched a movie today called House Bunny, which was pretty funny. Sometimes it's those simple pleasures (like maniacal laughing 5 year olds with big yellow slippers) that make life good! :)