Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coffee coffee coffee

I made it a week without coffee! Ok, that's a half truth. I did have two decafs. But that doesn't really count right? I know you all wish there were pictures of my amazingly cute kids here, but they are still on my camera, waiting to be downloaded. Instead you get this graphic from the graphics fairy website that is only funny to my family because they all know my maiden name is Younger! :) It would be even FUNNIER if it was Younger's TEXAS pride!

News of the day: Haven got her bottom retainer, I taught Photoshop to teenagers today and it was fun, Ethan thought it was hilarious to pretend he was going to wear his spongebob house shoes (big yellow square house shoes) to school, and Rob and I watched a movie today called House Bunny, which was pretty funny. Sometimes it's those simple pleasures (like maniacal laughing 5 year olds with big yellow slippers) that make life good! :)


  1. Closet Texan?????? D-na, did all you quilts fall on you head and cut off your hearing???? (I still need a quilt count) She is NOT a closet Texan.

    Giving up coffee just as you found your long lost relatives and their coffee company was probably a good idea....

    I would love to see my little helper in his sponge bob slippers.

  2. I'm sure you could Photoshop Texas into it. :)

    I love those simple pleasures.

  3. The post should be about how WE survived YOU without coffee for a week:) You were great actually.

    And I could use some cute kid photos. I was thinking about Ethan this morning for some reason and was just thinking how cute he is. He doesn't have that awkward needs-to-grow-in-to his features look and he's not goofy looking (in a 5 year old boy way if you know what I mean). He's just handsome! good job kelly:)