Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

I "made" all the costumes this year. Jennifer generously gave me the satin and fringe to make the flapper dress. She also let me borrow the wig. I got several suggestions to go with black hair... what do you think? I found the hair piece, gloves, necklace, and the "cigarette" at jewelry stores in town. The cigarette holder is actually a hair pick and Corinnea made the cigarette out of paper at the last minute. It looked pretty darn cool!

I did these side by side pictures of the kids to help you understand their costumes. A lot of people didn't know who they were.
Haven was Coraline. Coraline is a movie (clay-mation, I think) that came out last year? It's about a girl who is unhappy in her real life and gets sucked into an alternate life where everything seems good but it has a sinister twist. I think it should be required watching for all children who have problems with gratitude and attitude. It's not for really little ones though. There are some scary bits. My favorite line is "she spied on our lives through the little dolls eyes..." We found the jacket, boots, and stockings at the Schwaben Galerie. So lucky because otherwise I was going to have to make the coat out of felt and I wasn't looking foward to it. The wig was a hot topic all week. Haven did NOT like it. It went through several phases and there was lots of threatening to not go trick or treating... but she finally agreed to wear it and it was fine. If I ever have to make a wig again I will do it better.
Ethan is Ben 10. This is a little cartoon the kids watch on Cartoon Network. Ben discovered a "watch" that bonded with his DNA and allows him to change into these ten different aliens for short bursts of time. The picture above is Ben with his 10 alter-alien-egos. The shirt is just a t-shirt sewn over a turtle neck. The watch thingy is from the PX. His costume was EASY. And he totally looks like Ben 10! But, poor thing, no one really knew who he was. And after he put on his coat during trick or treating there was no way to know who he was.
Oh, I did NOT walk around base as a flapper. I promptly changed after the costume party at the movie theater. I was smart and brough tennis shoes for the TWO HOURS we walked around collecting candy. This year was the longest we've ever stayed out. My head still hurts... It was pretty fun. Haven ran around with several friends and I had fun walking around with the other parents. So it was a nice evening.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm so busy catching up on everyone else's stuff that I don't have pics to post yet. But I'll get there! I'm just so happy to be connected again!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Moving Update

Just a quick update:

We finished moving on October 3rd and are now in the arduous task of unpacking and finding places for all our stuff. The new place is a bit smaller so it's an adventure. We ordered a refrigerator and dryer from Media Markt before we moved and they still have not arrived. I found out the other day that the clerk who helped us was "new" and pretty much did everything wrong. We should have a call from the moving company next week to set a delivery appointment. I can only hang so much laundry from the little rack and the shower door! And I'm pretty sure the family is tired of frozen dinners! Rob did get our new gas grill (I know... I caved... it's my first gas grill ever...) built on Thursday so I'm hoping to fire it up this weekend and see how it goes. Monday is a holiday and I am so grateful for the time to unpack and organize. As much work as it is, I have to admit I really love organizing and the required shopping when there isn't enough room for stuff! But I will be happy to have everything finished.

Ok, that's all for now. I promised pictures from Haven's birthday, but until we get internet at the house it's really hard to do decent posts. Hopefully next week I'll be back online. Of course I'll be in such withdrawal that I won't want to get off for a week! Haha!

Friday, October 2, 2009

AAFES Fashion Show

AAFES put on a family fair a few weekends ago and the Haven participated in the fashion show. She had two outfits, one sporty and one casual. She got to choose from several different pieces of clothing and she put her outfits together. Be sure and watch the video of her hamming it up on the catwalk!