Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

I "made" all the costumes this year. Jennifer generously gave me the satin and fringe to make the flapper dress. She also let me borrow the wig. I got several suggestions to go with black hair... what do you think? I found the hair piece, gloves, necklace, and the "cigarette" at jewelry stores in town. The cigarette holder is actually a hair pick and Corinnea made the cigarette out of paper at the last minute. It looked pretty darn cool!

I did these side by side pictures of the kids to help you understand their costumes. A lot of people didn't know who they were.
Haven was Coraline. Coraline is a movie (clay-mation, I think) that came out last year? It's about a girl who is unhappy in her real life and gets sucked into an alternate life where everything seems good but it has a sinister twist. I think it should be required watching for all children who have problems with gratitude and attitude. It's not for really little ones though. There are some scary bits. My favorite line is "she spied on our lives through the little dolls eyes..." We found the jacket, boots, and stockings at the Schwaben Galerie. So lucky because otherwise I was going to have to make the coat out of felt and I wasn't looking foward to it. The wig was a hot topic all week. Haven did NOT like it. It went through several phases and there was lots of threatening to not go trick or treating... but she finally agreed to wear it and it was fine. If I ever have to make a wig again I will do it better.
Ethan is Ben 10. This is a little cartoon the kids watch on Cartoon Network. Ben discovered a "watch" that bonded with his DNA and allows him to change into these ten different aliens for short bursts of time. The picture above is Ben with his 10 alter-alien-egos. The shirt is just a t-shirt sewn over a turtle neck. The watch thingy is from the PX. His costume was EASY. And he totally looks like Ben 10! But, poor thing, no one really knew who he was. And after he put on his coat during trick or treating there was no way to know who he was.
Oh, I did NOT walk around base as a flapper. I promptly changed after the costume party at the movie theater. I was smart and brough tennis shoes for the TWO HOURS we walked around collecting candy. This year was the longest we've ever stayed out. My head still hurts... It was pretty fun. Haven ran around with several friends and I had fun walking around with the other parents. So it was a nice evening.


  1. The costumes were great! I loved the idea of doing Coraline, Nicolas really liked it. The Ben costume was really great to. I'm sure if I had Cartoon Network, I would know the show really well.

  2. Wow, they really look like the characters. AWESOME job Kelly! you made a sexy flapper. I almost didn't recognized you with the black hair but it really looked good on you :)

  3. You 3 looked sooo good! And I love that all the costumes were made/put together by you instead of the whole thing boughtas a package. black hair looks good on you! I was a little dissapointed you didn't make that one picture of you bigger so everyone could see. It was SO good!

  4. love the costumes!!! The Caroline one also reminds me of a farscape character have you seen that show?

  5. Awesome costumes!! Margaret M.