Saturday, October 10, 2009

Moving Update

Just a quick update:

We finished moving on October 3rd and are now in the arduous task of unpacking and finding places for all our stuff. The new place is a bit smaller so it's an adventure. We ordered a refrigerator and dryer from Media Markt before we moved and they still have not arrived. I found out the other day that the clerk who helped us was "new" and pretty much did everything wrong. We should have a call from the moving company next week to set a delivery appointment. I can only hang so much laundry from the little rack and the shower door! And I'm pretty sure the family is tired of frozen dinners! Rob did get our new gas grill (I know... I caved... it's my first gas grill ever...) built on Thursday so I'm hoping to fire it up this weekend and see how it goes. Monday is a holiday and I am so grateful for the time to unpack and organize. As much work as it is, I have to admit I really love organizing and the required shopping when there isn't enough room for stuff! But I will be happy to have everything finished.

Ok, that's all for now. I promised pictures from Haven's birthday, but until we get internet at the house it's really hard to do decent posts. Hopefully next week I'll be back online. Of course I'll be in such withdrawal that I won't want to get off for a week! Haha!


  1. good luck. I love the unpacking/organizing stage too... can't wait till your back!

  2. Kels, I hope you are settling into the new place. I pop into your page and the Patch page every once in awhile to see what's going on.