Friday, April 16, 2010

School Pictures

Ethan had school pictures taken on Wednesday and we got them today! That was so fast! I'm happy with them this year! Most of the time they don't let the kids open their mouths to smile, but I told Ethan, just tell them your mamma wants to see your teeth! Haha! Imagine me saying it with a Texas drawl... cuz that's what it sounded like! :) Without further ado... the boy!

I LOVE that crooked little smile! It looks just like mine!

He looks so much older than 5!

And this is Ethan's class. The kids are from Germany, Turkey, and two of them from the US. There are three total classes in the building. Ethan is in the same class (same teachers) that Haven had when she was in this kindergarten.


  1. WOW those photos are great! Usually school photos are so blahhhh!

  2. great school photos! he does have your smile =] love it!