Sunday, July 6, 2008

She'll be comin round the mountain when she comes...

Well, it was my turn to drive up the mountain to our hotel today. Gasp! Of all the days to decide to drive, today the clouds had set in around the mountain and I actually had to drive through them. It’s bad enough to drive uphill around curves, but to do it through thick clouds? Oh man. At least they were white clouds and not storm clouds. Well, our hotel is high enough that is was ABOVE the cloud cover. Now, the way the hotel is situated, we drive from Interlaken up one mountain and up and around to the next mountain over. So in the picture below it’s the mountain on one side of the lake. We drove through there to get to our mountain on the other side of the lake. Anyway, it was cool to look down on the clouds. And Ethan especially loved the idea of being high in the clouds.


  1. Beautiful, gorgeous, wish I were there! Not that here isn't fine. It is. It's just that it is really really pretty there. If I ever go back there again, I MIGHT try the parasailing...... maybe.....

  2. Love it.... What a view. This makes me want to go so much more. LOOKS LIKE YOU GUYS HAD ALOT OF FUN :)