Saturday, November 14, 2009

Around the House

I spent the whole day today in my pjs, cleaning and working around the house. It was fabulous! My craft room is really coming along. I'm going to have to be careful to not make it TOO nice because I might want to spend ALL my time there! It's just so nice and cozy. Every room has it's own heating control so I can turn on the heat in the morning and after a little while it's warm and toasty and I can spend hours in there!

The music/entertainment room made big progress today too from Rob's efforts. He has his rocking chair in there, so he is also in danger of getting lost in his room. At least these two rooms are on the same floor, so we're sort of in proximity of each other! I put together four of the little shelves on the right, in 10 minutes each! We're working hard to get this room finished before my dad comes to visit.

And here's a few things I haven't blogged about, but are fun {for me}.
We had to get a new fridge. Actually... did I blog about that already? What drama! This is the one we finally ended up with. It's taller than the door! I can barely reach the top shelf. The kitchen island is from Ikea and it makes a huge difference in the kitchen. I still have a few things I can't fit, but it's getting there. The new dryer came at the same time as the fridge. I LOVE having the laundry in the bathroom! I actually don't mind doing it now!

And the grill. It's my first gas grill ever. It was really hard to make the transition, but I have to admit, it is great! I love how fast I can grill now and that I don't have to clean out the ash every time. I don't feel like I have to grill enough for the whole week now.

After cleaning and organizing my craft room I wanted to make something quick and fun, so I made these.

My plan is to sell them really inexpensively at the craft store. The idea is to use them like you would a gift bag, for small gifts. I'm stuck on calling them "gift cans" but there's got to be something better. "Gift Tins?" Suggestions welcome!


  1. Looks like fun around the house! Love those little cans. What about calling it a giftin'? Like gifting, but also gift-tin. Do you think that would be obvious enough?

  2. I love the weekends that I can kinda get organized....
    The giftins are pretty. Yep, Jenny's idea works.

  3. I love getting organized! I am actually supposed to be doing that right now... let me tell you it's not going well!

  4. It's nice to have everything where you can find it :) Love your craft room, wish I had one... Your gift cans are really cute :)