Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here comes the sun....

Here comes the sun.. na na na na na... here comes the sun... yeaaaah... Sing it! I finally ventured outside today. That's right! I left my house with my own free will! The kids and I went to one of the little playgrounds here in Magstadt. Haven has her friend Melissa spending the night tonight too, so she went to the park with us. Here's the kids having fun.

Melissa and her family lived in the apartment under us when we first moved in. Melissa is one year older than Haven and they get along really well. They moved out last month, but they are close enough that the girls can still hang out.

And more shots of Haven's hair.

And Ethan.
This boy is so hard to photograph. I realized the camera takes pictures faster in manual mode because it's not trying to figure everything out. So I started shooting in manual. It was very liberating! I took almost 700 pictures today! I had lots and lots that of course went straight to the trash, but there were still a lot of good ones.

I also started crocheting again. That's an easy craft to carry with me to the playground. And now I'm off to make books. It's been a very relaxing, lovely day!


  1. What a fun day! Haven and Ethan are growing too fast and they're just so cute!!

  2. yay for getting outside and corcheting!! Haven and Ethan look sooooo cute! Great photos. I like to shoot in manual too and take 400 photos then throw out the bad ones. Kara told me to do AV and I know this from taking classes but I like this mode! Hard habit to break.

  3. Great Photos...the kids look like they had a blast.