Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catching Up

Luxe PJs

A couple of people said I should post the pajama pants, but I'm not posting a pic of me IN them. The shirt is the Summertime Blouse, and is not technically a pj shirt, but I didn't really like the way it looks on me. It made me look pregnant, in my opinion. But it's made of voile and SO comfy! So I figured it would make nice pjs. The pants are a silk/cotton blend and soooo luxurious feeling! I really enjoyed making pj pants. I made four pairs! (not all silk!) I love lounging around the house in them!

Did you see that the Colette blog did some tutorials on flat felled seams?

Study Hall Skirt

(photo by Katelyn)

I know this is called the Study Hall Skirt, but the whole time I was making it I was thinking it looked like a cheerleader skirt! (Just a LOT longer!) The fabrics are both polka dots, even though it's hard to see in the photo. This is a good pattern. The only alteration I made was to add a lining, and that's just my personal preference. Cotton sticks to tights and bunches and crawls, so I line all my skirts. If you use this pattern I recommend using a serger. You have to finish a lot of seams and iron them open, so if you zig zag every side of the fabric piece it would take you forever!


  1. I LOVE those pj's! So cute, and so comfy looking! The skirt is super cute too, but really, I'm just in love with the PJ's. :) I'm glad you posted them!

  2. how fun! I was wondering if that skirt pattern was good or not-- not that I would be making it anyway... hahaha... very cute!

  3. WHOOOLE-EEEEEEEE COW!!! When that skirt pic was trying to load on my computer, my jaw was on the floor. I LOVE this skirt! It looks at first galnce like it's top stitched in white and I am the biggest sucker for anything topstiched in white! red and navy whith white stitching is the best. But it's not, you tricked me! i just adore this Kelly and you look so cute in it. So S-M-ALL! I really want this for myslef in a red twill with...white topstiching! just like that black with white stiching I gave you years ago! I don't even wear skirts but I have an itch to make this now:) Thank you for doing what we all do for each other-INSPIRE!

  4. Jennifer, there is the tiniest bit of white top stitching to reinforce the pleats. I'm a sucker for that too!

  5. GORGEOUS! Absolutely gorgeous! I love that top as a pj top! I think it makes anyone look pregnant. Jessica looked MORE pregnant in it. ha ha. I love the concept though.

    Your study hall skirt is amazing. I had not wanted to make it until I saw yours!! Beautiful!