Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bringing Him Home

I'm attending a training in Kansas, and on this base is one of the military national cemeteries. Today there was a funeral for a soldier who had deployed to Iraq nine times and was killed in combat. Our class building is located on the route of the funeral procession and all the students, both civilian and military, stood along the road to "welcome him home." In the nine years I have worked for the military I have never experienced something as emotional as what I was just a part of. Watching the family pass by was really hard, knowing what they were going through. Seeing all the soldiers along the road saluting the procession was also profound. But when the veterans started riding by on their motorcycles it was a really emotional moment. There must have been 100 of them at least. Seeing them here to honor a fallen soldier - who they probably didn't even know - that really spoke to me. Our instructor makes the point that we as civilians are providing the services that make sure these guys come home. Wow... it's been quite an emotional day.

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  1. Wow...just, wow. Even reading about it made me tear up a bit. It is so tragic for those men and women to lose their lives, but so wonderful that they are honored by those they defended. It has to mean a lot to the families.

    My dad is a Vietnam vet, and a member of a veterans' motorcycle club. They often participate in that sort of thing. I know it's always a very powerful experience for him.