Saturday, November 19, 2011

Childhood Memory

Anyone else remember the Snoopy Snow Cone maker? I saw this at the PX and wanted my kids to also have the pleasure of slaving away grinding ice cubes for a tiny cup of shaved ice. =)


  1. I had one as a kid too, and my sister decided that I needed one as an adult. It's sitting in my garage, waiting for Elora to get old enough to slave away at it. :)

  2. We had one at my grandma's house in Louisiana. Love it =)

  3. I feel like I had such a deprived childhood.. I've never even heard of this thing that everyone else has such good memories of! But whatever it is, it looks like fun and Ethan really deserves a snow cone after all that effort!

    my word verification is 'zenstar'! how cool is that...

  4. We didn't have this but we had the slushy maker- mom actually still has it --I came across it last week when I forced her to reorganize her kitchen :)

  5. Puts a BIG smile on my face!!! That is going down memory lane with you and Brian!!!
    Love you!