Thursday, February 16, 2012

As Seen on Pinterest - Valentine's Day

This is Ethan's first year to have Valentine's Day in an American school, and so the first year for him to exchange Valentines. The whole time we were preparing he kept asking what we were doing, why, and what would happen if he was the only one who showed up with anything! 

Since it was his first one I wanted it to be cool. So first thing was choosing the Valentines box. I wanted to do a German style mailbox, but he liked the monster box that's been floating around the internet. So here's his box:

I loved the way these cake pops were used as party favors. They're so pretty! So I decided to finally get on the cake pops bandwagon! Since it was pretty last minute I didn't have the candy coating you're supposed to use, so I used milk chocolate. The cake is strawberry with strawberry frosting. If you want to make your own, here's one of the most famous cake pop recipes.
I used a meat baller to make the balls uniform. For my friends who said they had never heard of a meat baller, here's a picture. This worked great!

I saw several "I love you Because" and "I love you more than" ideas for Valentine's Day. I decided to do the wipe off board so that we can change it and both get in on the fun! This is just an 8x10 frame with the design printed on cardstock. We use dry erase markers to make the note.
There are so many fun "I love you more than" ideas out there! One of the cute ones was "I love you more than SpongeBob loves jelly fishing." I've got to find some Star Wars quotes... Then he'll REALLY know I love him!


  1. oh man! I forgot to show emily's crocodile box for v-day!!! Now I have to! I looooooooove Ethans and I know had emily seen his she would have wanted to make it. I just pinned it! Thanks Kelly;) and i love the wipe board thingy! "I love you more than dogs like to lick their privates" so that is A LOT!!!!

  2. I'm sitting here trying to think of how to top Jennifer in expressing how much I love you but I think it'll just get weird.....
    Very fun valentine's things! I hope Ethan had a great time.

  3. Oh that is so much fun! I don't remember valentines day being as popular when I was a kid... maybe I just forgot about it though...
    I think we would have to have Jennifer go last if you had a competition because nothing I can think of sounds at all clever after that... and anything that I can think of to top it kind of crosses a line... oh