Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Have you seen the cute "Fall Bucket List" printables that are floating around? I think this one is super adorable AND our family is capable of doing almost everything on it! There was another one that I saw that said "visit a winery." Well, how about a wine festival?!!

This was actually the last weekend of the 2012 Stuttgarter Weindorf. We almost missed it!
 There was a lot of people. 
 And super yummy food. We ate zwiebelkuchen and flammkuchen. I called it our "ode to onions."
 And there was some wine.
So we checked off winery, one date, and of course Starbucks was involved, so we can check off fancy coffees too. I'm sure we'll put several check marks next to that one... eh hem. It was a lovely evening and a nice beginning to the fall season. 

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