Saturday, January 12, 2013

Carpenter's Star Quilt

Mike from the woodshop retires this month! He has worked for the woodshop for 31 years and has been amazing! Since he spent so many years making plaques and frames for people who were retiring, moving, etc. he was tired of the traditional military farewell gift!

We started brainstorming what would be a meaningful gift for a woodworker, but not made out of wood... of course a quilt!

Edeltraut helped pick out the fabric. Choosing the pattern was really hard! I scoured through block patterns looking for the perfect one. I found this block when I searched carpenter and quilt. It's called Carpenter's Star!
I couldn't find an actual tutorial for the block so I had to wing it. I knew I wanted it to be one big block instead of lots of little blocks. I used THIS tutorial to make the half square triangles. It worked really well, but with this method ALL your seams end up being bias edges. This is another method that makes 8 squares at once, but it doesn't include the size chart, which is what is nice about the first link.

Anyway, here's the quilt being presented at the retirement ceremony!
When I was trying to make the quilt I couldn't find a tutorial for the block, so I wrote one up while I was making the quilt. It's my first quilt tutorial so please go easy on me!

Buy the pattern as a PDF from Craftsy: Carpenter's Star Quilt


  1. Wow Kelly! It's gorgeous!!! I love the carpenters star and have wanted to make a big one so I'm going to look at your tutorial for sure. I know Mike loved it. It's perfect.

  2. He actually did it! He has been talking about retirement since I moved there. I love the quilt. And the fabric line was really a perfect choice. Great job!

  3. Sooo perfect Kelly! A mans quilt but could still be for a female. Love it!!