Sunday, February 22, 2015

Boston Round 1

I'm here in MA for some training, and I'll be here for two months. Boston is about a 40 minute drive from where I'm staying, so I plan to visit as often as possible to see as much as I can. It's a little challenging right now since everything is buried under 6 feet of snow.

This is my favorite meme right now!

One day I'm going to park in somebody's driveway and take pictures of the residential areas. It's insane. I saw an icicle that went from the top of a two story house to about a foot from the ground. No joke. That house is on a road where I can't stop and take a picture...

I know for the people who live here it's a big hassle, but for me it's more like "lookit all da snow!"
This is Quincy Market in the heart of downtown.
I have had chowda (clam chowder) almost every day. I've tried it at several different restaurants. It tastes different and wonderful every time! I got it in the bread bowl and seriously had an emotional moment over my soup today. This place also had lobster mac n cheese, but I was too full to try it. Next time...
In the seating area there were rotating musicians. This young lady was only 17 and pretty darn good. You can look her up on youtube if you are interested.
This family of musicians was really great, and fun to watch! They were hard to photograph because they moved so much while they were playing. The girl on the right was so animated!
Cheers! Not the real cheers, but close enough! (That's coffee in my hand - no drinking and driving!)
This outing was very brief because it started snowing. But the sun went down early enough to snap this pretty photo of Faneuil Hall. (Don't ask me how to pronounce that... I have no idea.)
Ok, so one week of my trip is now over. Seven more to go!

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