Friday, August 29, 2008

Das Internet ist kaput!

Don't laugh at my terrible German! I didn't even bother to look up if it's der, die, or das! I just wanted to say das today! :)

So somehow the dsl box at my house reset itself the other night and now Rob has to completely set it back up again. Which of course won't happen until next week, because we're going to Reutlingen today, EuropaPark tomorrow, Church on Sunday, and we have company coming over on Monday. ... Maybe I can convince him to do it Monday... So anyway, no email, no blogging, no scrapbooking forum... ... ... how am I going to function!!!! I'm writing this blog at work, btw, which I'm sure is against the law.

SSOOOOO... everyone have a great Labor Day weekend!

1 comment:

  1. mein auto is kaput. It's not but I love saying that! When I see the call boxes on the side of the autobahn, I always think of my car breaking down and me having to tell the non-english speaking call box people that my car is broken in my non-german speaking german.