Monday, October 20, 2008

I've done other things....

...besides digital scrapbooking!

A silhouette plate for Jennifer's birthday

A mug for Miyoung's birthday
A sample Christmas ornament for Mary to display at the store

And a friend for Henry. Ok, actually Haven painted the turtle. And for those of you who don't check my friend's blogs, the snail was made by Corinnea. Anyway... the turtle is to keep Henry (the snail) company over the weekends when I'm not at work! :) So she needs a name...


  1. Your balls are wonderful..........
    I'm sorry, I do really think they are pretty. You have a great sense of design.

  2. You know I love your stuff!!!

    Henry's gotta girlfriend, Henry's gotta girlfriend..

    oops I should be leaving for the pool right now!!!!

  3. I love it all too!! The mug is especially cool and the turtle, Miss Slowsky????? And the plate, amazing. I wanta playyyyyyyyyyy

  4. She is adorable. They look happy together ; ) Be careful, you might have babies to take care of next...

  5. I love that plate! I want one! I've seen tutorials for this kid of thing, I would love to try someday but I'm not that great at crafty stuff - unless it's digital!