Thursday, October 2, 2008

Learning stuff

I spent all evening yesterday messing around with my camera to see if it could do everything a more expensive slr camera can do. Last night I was frustrated, but after hours of research and practice today, I can actually take a fairly decent picture! The goal was to take a picture of a single leaf with a blurry background.

Then tonight I read a bunch of tutorials on different photoshop things. I'm trying to achieve a chocolaty tint that some other photographers I've been stalking are using. We're going to the Wasen this weekend so hopefully I can try out some of my new found skills there...

Oh, and I just discovered a new website for actions (someone on the scrapbooking forum recommended it) and everything has a coffee theme!!! See it here.


  1. I love the leaf picture...very cool. :)

  2. I love the picture of Ethan, that's a framer!

  3. I agree with Mary! That picture of Ethan is great, very professional looking.

  4. Love the photos very nice!
    Check out
    more tricks to have up your sleeve.