Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kids Costumes

I finally finished Haven's peacock costume just in time for Halloween. The mask has peacock feathers on one side and is covered with green and teal feathers. The beak is made out of a really pretty scrapbook paper and has little swirls coming off the sides. I also covered it with sparkle glue to make it pretty. :)

The dress was kind of whipped together out of this weird fabric Haven got from school. It's a green cheetah print. Whatever. But it worked pretty well. A little clash with the mask, but she LOVES it!

Ethan was Anakin. He has been wanting to be someone from Star Wars all along but it's gone from Darth Maul to Luke to Anakin. It was too cold for him to trick or treat without his jacket and he didn't want to carry his lightsaber! But that's ok.

We also took Emily along with us for a little while. She was like my little Leia fashion accessory! Since no one could see what Ethan was wearing I just kept hearing "oh what a cute little Leia!" We had a lot of fun!

After trick or treating I tagged along with Jennifer and Jon to a Costume Party at the Patriot. It was fun to see what everyone else was dressed as and see some of our customers and some of my colleagues in a social setting. And Jennifer totally won first place in the costume contest! She deserved it since she worked so hard on that dress!!! Click here for pictures from our store contest.


  1. I'm glad I stopped by the shop to see everyone, it was awesome! I'm pleased it went so well, I can't wait for next year! Haven's costume turned out great, you guys did a great job on it. And of course, Ethan made an adorable Aniken.

  2. This is the most fun I have had on Halloween since my kids were all younger!

    The peacock costume needs to be saved, it is just gorgeous.

  3. What a beautiful costume!! Great job.

  4. I think Haven's costume is magical. You should have her wear it for Fasching. Like I've said before-they are truly blessed to have such a talented mother!

  5. You are amazing!!! Love, Margaret M.