Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More reasons to love Ikea

I've spent the last two mornings in Ikea. I love that store. Haven's room was pushing the outer limits of my dirty boundaries! So two days and six bags of trash later ... well I'm still not finished. But I will post pictures when I am. Ok, but here's why I love Ikea today... they installed self-checkout! Now some of you may be thinking, ugh, yeah the commissary has that and the lines are longer. Not at Ikea! I avoided the SUPER LONG normal lines, scanned all my items, paid with my Ikea card and was on my way! There was a very friendly young lady helping four self-checkout stands at the same time. No bottle neck, no scale to stress me out, just pure self-checkout joy! You're supposed to only have 15 items or less, but since no one else was in line when I got there she let me in. You can only use a card (EC, Ikea, giftcard), no cash. I would like to say I could limit my purchases to 15 items or less from now on ... but no promises!

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