Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

We spent the New Year holiday in St. Albain, France at a Chateau for a youth retreat.

St. Albain is a small village in Bourgogne. The nearest larger town is Macon, where we spent one afternoon. This is for the Jennys.

The trip was totally fun and had just the right amount of activities to be fun and have time to relax. I made a couple of things too, but I'll have to photograph them and post later.


  1. Jenny P, we took a chartered bus. There was 42 of us (including our two kids). It was a 7 hour drive including two breaks. Of course busses can't drive as fast as cars, but who would want to carpool 42 people!?!

    Oh, and the food was SO GOOD!!!

  2. It looks like you guys had a great time! I want to see inside pics too!!

  3. Wow. What fun!! Happy New Year!! Love, Margaret and Ace M.

  4. What a great way to spend the Holidays...It looks like y'all had a fun time.