Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sick at Home

I hate being home sick. It's so boring! I'm too miserable to do anything productive, so all I can do is sleep and play on the computer. Ethan's been sick all week, and Rob and I got it yesterday. Haven is trying desperately to avoid all contact with us so she doesn't get it! LOL!

Yesterday the band Pierce came to play at the church. They're fun. I didn't get to enjoy it though. Ended up leaving half way through because I felt so ill. Haven and Rob got to enjoy them though!

Today Ethan was totally talking and walking in his sleep. He started screaming at me that there was something in the chair and pointing to it and everything. Eyes open, walking around. Nothing in the chair... I talked him in to laying back down and he was back to sleep! So funny.


  1. I wonder if he'll ever get over being mad at me???

    Feel better!

  2. you're sick too! dang I really hope i don't get this one! I hope you are all feeling better soon... sleepwalking is scary, glad you got him back to bed!

  3. Poor baby, I hope he feels better soon :) I use to sleepwalk when I was younger, scary stuff! Hope you all start feeling better soon :)

  4. my brother used to sleep walk and my sister would make him do weird things. I'm so sorry you all are sick. I dont wish this on my worst enemy. well, maybe I's that bad.

  5. Awwe! BOO!! I'm so sorry everyone is getting sick. I knew little Ethan was sick, but I didn't know that you were too, Kelly. :( I hope you all feel better soon, and that Miss Haven stays healthy!