Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick Updates

For the family who are wondering where I went....

Haven had her first trip to the orthodontist this week. Her teeth are a pretty big mess. Basically her baby teeth aren't falling out because her permanent teeth are stuck in her head because there isn't enough space for them to come down. Poor baby. So they fitted her for a retainer to help move the baby teeth, and then when the permanent all come down she'll get braces.

Rob and I were sick most of the week with a painful sore throat.

Haven had a chorus concert last night. I'll try to get some photos processed and maybe a video clip up. But I have to teach a class tomorrow, so maybe in a couple of days.

I'm learning A LOT about Photoshop and vector graphics. Very exciting for me. But of course everytime I learn something new I get insomnia. So I'm not getting much sleep these days...

Well, that's about it for now...

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  1. Hope everyone is feeling better. Good luck with your teeth, Haven. Looking forward to seeing the video of your Chorus! We love you!! Oma and Opa