Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So yesterday the internet mysteriously stopped working. All the cables were fine and the lights were blinking, but no internet. So Rob spent two hours on the phone with telecom this evening, finally to discover that when we moved they lost our account! So since we {apparently} weren't paying for it (we have so many payments to Deutche-Telecom that I don't know what's what) they turned off our line! Weird thing was, the phone still worked! And we used it for two months with no problem! So what gives? Seriously? They "forgot" to update our account with the new info so they just deleted! So anyway... Rob was great on the phone, completely in German, and we have internet back. Hooray!


  1. Just gotta love T-online... Really??

  2. Something like that happend to us, but we were leaving and they "accidently" turned off our internet a month early but we were paying. No one paid attention to the month, just the date. It took 10 days to unscrew.
    It is awesome that DH was able to get through it in German and get service back!