Monday, January 25, 2010

SFAP Day 2

So jet lag hit with a vengeance today and I almost bailed on the after lunch lecture. But I survived. Remember me mentioning trying to keep the competitive spirit in check? Flew out the window. I nearly lost it when the game wasn't functioning correctly and I had the right answer but it wouldn't accept it. Luckily they said I could have my points back. Whew! :) Anyway, some of the sessions today were really good and some were just kind of so so. What I learned is that I am so lucky to be working in what I think must be the best example of MWR in the world! I am definitely spoiled by how much support we get, by how good our leadership is, by how well we all work together, by how much everyone cares about what we do and by how fantastic my colleagues are! (Yes girls, that's you!) The main message today was that we need to be changing lives. Which is great because that's the motto I try to live by every day!

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