Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SFAP Day 3 and 4

Well, I had some connectivity problems, so I didn't get online yesterday. So here's some highlights. David Pogue from the New York Times was yesterday's speaker. OMG! He was histerical! He was sharing about social networking and stuff and just was great to listen to. I MUST HAVE his book "The World According to Twitter!" I think this will become our new coffee table book!

Today we had this guy Jason Dorsey who is called "the Gen Y Guy." Also histerical! Mostly funny because of how true it was. I actually didn't realize how much I am Gen Y... I thought I just couldn't tell time...

I learned quite a bit. Some interesting, some only interesting to me. I have a few things to bring back to change in the store, but not a lot. We're doing a really good job!

Oh, we had the awards banquet tonight. It was really nice! There were three awards given for Stuttgart: Laura Davis got an ACS employee award, Dave Roach got Lodging Manager of the Year, and Stuttgart got the training award again. They also mentioned the program awards, but since we already had our trophies there was no presentation. Ok, well, I'll be back home before you know it. (For some of you, before you even realize I'm gone...) I just want to leave you with this music video from David Pogue (yesterday's speaker). (Oh, and PS, iPad is here! WOOT!)


  1. HA HA, I just emailed you about the new ipad. It's screaming buy me Kelly!

  2. That's funny!I still like Iphones...
    You know who was reading me all the specs of the Ipad last night. I'm sorry but Ijust don't like the name....Ipad....hahahahahha. Eww.

  3. That made me laugh! I saw about the Ipad thing I haven't really looked at what it is but I am sure it's cool and I will want it... lol