Sunday, April 24, 2011


Summer Picnic Blouse/Dress

This pattern has a major malfunction. I had to work really hard to make it work! The problem is that right bodice piece. It's funky! I had to alter the pattern piece a lot to make it work. If enough people are having trouble making this fit I can do a little step by step or something. I think for thin people it probably looks just fine. Second problem is the front skirt piece has a curve on the top which turns into a poof which would be PERFECT for someone with a little baby bump under there. But since I do not have that, nor do I want to look as if I do... I will have to alter that if I make it again. Ok... well, even though I had problems and had to do a bunch to fix it, I get tons of compliments when I wear it!

Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt
Purl Soho Tie

As opposed to the picnic dress, these patterns are AWESOME!!!! The Oliver + S patterns are just great! The way the yoke is constructed is GENIUS! The collar construction is pretty cool too, though I think I prefer a traditional collar stand.

The ties are addictive!! In the last couple of weeks I made four ties for Ethan and two for Mary's son Nikolas. The pattern and tutorial can be found here. I have to admit that I did not really use the instructions. If you know me at all you know I still hate hand sewing. And this pattern is completely hand sewn! Yuck! So I just did it my own way and they worked out fine. Not heirloom or anything, but good enough for a little boy!

I am so happy with these shirts and ties! He is absolutely adorable in them!!


  1. Kelly the dress looks lovely on you. I would of given up. Ethan looks adorable with his shirt and tie.

  2. You look gorgeous in the dress! Well done for sticking with it!

    Ethan is so handsome! The shirts and ties are awesome. I ear marked the ties for another little guy.... I too prefer a stand collar, but this shirt is fun to make.

  3. The dress is gorgeous, and very flattering on you! Definitely worth working through those problems. And Ethan is just too cute in those shirts and ties. So cool!

  4. The dress is awesome, you look great!

    Nicolas LOVES his ties. He looked soooo handsome and he was very proud. This morning he put put it back on with nothing else on but his underware =) He wants to wear it everyday now.

  5. That dress is SO cute! Totally worth the trouble I love the sexy slouchy style!
    OHHH Thanks for the tie pattern! I am going to have to start working on some for micah! So much better than having to but them!

  6. oh my, kelly you look lovely in that dress! Make more! and the ties are sooooo cool!!! I want to see photos of Nicolas in them too. Ethan just keeps getting cuter!! oh the sailboat shirt is awesome!!!!!! I love how their clothing is constructed.