Monday, April 25, 2011

Vote for your favorite!

Haven has become quite the songwriter. She's been taking guitar lessons for about six months and I'm super impressed with her progress. She has been writing music and poetry since she was little, and now she can write the music to go with it. The older she gets the more her songs start to sound "real" and not written by a child. She and Rob are in the process of recording some of her music so she can have her first album. I have no abilities at all on the writing or recording front, but I can take pictures! So Haven and I went out yesterday and drove around the area and took some photos. I messed around with a few from each location to get the "album cover" look. These are just rough drafts, but they are pretty fun. So let us know what you think would make a good album cover! She has her teen friends voting on facebook too, so I'm curious to see what the adults will think compared to the teens.













  1. Wow, you didn't make this easy. I think I like 3. Really nice photos!

  2. I like 3 and 8 the best. Great photos.

  3. Ace and I like #6 for the front and #8 for the back of the album. All the photos are super!! Congratulations, Haven!!!

  4. WOW! All great pictures! I think I like 5 and 8 best, but Mary is right! You really didn't make this easy, :)

  5. 3, 5, or 8...JennyBean

  6. 7 or 8
    Yes, I know Jess said the same thing. Sometimes we are exactly alike....

    These kinda broke my heart. I can tell she's not all grown up... but almost. Tell her for me that she is gorgeous and I miss her. I was one of her first fans. I'll never forget her singing to me in the car for over a half hour straight making it up as she went along, and it was quite catchy. =)

  7. Thanks everyone! Margaret I hadn't thought about a BACK! I was thinking iTunes album art... I completely forgot about real CDs! I like the idea of using #8 as a back and listing the song titles in the white area.

  8. Wow! These are great Kelly. Love them all! It's sooo hard, but since I have to pick 3 and 8!

  9. haha, I'm off the curve. I like 9 and 11. I like her expression in both of them. they feel more natural. 11 is great for text. 11 on the cover, 9 on the back. playlist on that big rock on the lower right hand side... that wold be sweet.

  10. name the winner pic!!!