Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Handwriting Font

I have thought about making my own font since I first heard of Kevin and Amanda who will make your font for you. I just never got around to doing all the steps to have them make it for me. 

Then today I stumbled on iFont Maker, an iPad app that lets you draw your font and then emails it to you! Yes, it's that easy and that cool!! It's not a free app, but it was something I really wanted to do so I bought it. I don't buy apps very often, but this one was worth it!

If you decide to use this my only tip is to make the lines thicker than you think you should. My first attempt turned out so light you could barely see anything. I redid it with a thicker line and it turned out like you see above.

Several hours of playing later... 


  1. Very cool. I have looked at those but since I don't do cool scrapping like you do.....

  2. That's really neat! Seems like anything is possible in today's technology. I'm astounded what is available. I hear it from my children all the time. And to think when my husband and I got married, there was no internet and we didn't even have a computer till after 3 years of marriage, which I fought buying, saying it was a waste of money and I would NEVER use it! LOL