Monday, October 8, 2012

The Hair of a Different Color

This post is for Tina! (Because she always asks about Haven's hair colors!) Haven has now tried just about every hair color that they make! Including the whole rainbow! (If you want to try hair chalking check out this post, which is how Haven does it.) It all began back in 2008 when we let her try red. Since then she realized that coloring her hair was a safe and fun way to express her personality without any permanent consequences! It's pretty funny when people ask "What color is Haven's hair today?" Which one is your favorite?

And now, just because it's funny, enjoy the Horse of a Different Color from the Wizard of Oz!


  1. I love how you made the collage of photos!

  2. look at how young she looks in that bottom middle! She's really lucky you let her do this. When I was her age ( it was still a very bold/crazy thing to do. Now everyone does it! She wears them all well:)

  3. Thanks for posting this post, it is fun to see Heaven with all her hair colors. I like her best as a red head, she has that wonderful complexion to pull it off. The bright red head is my favorite. You are a great Mom to let her be herself and express her personality.