Friday, April 11, 2008

A little help from my friends...

Well, I didn't share this with everyone at work yet, but Rob is in the hospital for severe burn out. Yup, in Germany you can get a three week vacation in the hospital paid for by the insurance! Gotta love the Germans. Of course he's bored stiff, but he doesn't have to work!

Anyway, I've been really blessed by everyone who has brought us meals and the people who are taking over Rob's job while he's gone. A couple of days ago I decided I would surprise Rob by cleaning the fish tank. The dreaded fish tank. The neglected and smelly fish tank. Of course I don't like the fish tank and have no idea how to clean it... so I sent out an SOS to my Sunday School class! I got a taker!

So my friend Johanna came over today and we cleaned the fish tank together. Yes, I helped. I cleaned the rocks. And felt very good about myself! Then we tackled the freezer... otherwise known as the block of ice. I miss self-defrosting freezers... Anyway, I feel so good with those two things not looming over me anymore! And the fish tank is now a pleasure to look at! Hehe!


  1. I'm sorry to hear he's burnt out. Hope he feels better soon and recharges his battery:)

  2. I am sorry to hear about Rob. Tamas has been through that. It must be really stressful on you and the kids too. I will keep you all in my prayers!!

  3. Your kidding right? I have worked for a month strait 14 hour days. I should move over there.
    Brian Y.