Monday, June 9, 2008

Can't be stopped...

Ok, we're past obsession and bordering on compulsive disorder... I loaded our family photos on the new computer, plus two new digital scrapbooking cds... and if I don't sleep I think my husband may kill me. But now I'm getting good. I look back at my earlier works (those really old ones from Saturday) and I think, pfff. How young and silly I was. Today I did this!

The story is, one day Ethan was banging on the door while I was in the shower insisting on coming in. I ignored him and eventually he got quiet. Silly me, thinking he had gone to play I continued what I was doing and took my time. When I opened the door to leave the bathroom I found Ethan standing at the door with a drill. He was attempting to unscrew the door handle and break in! Praise God, the drill didn't have the power pack inserted!

This photo is not from that day, but is Ethan with the drill. He definately has a fascination with power tools!

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  1. Hmmmm... Seems like I remember somebody telling me a long time ago they were not getting into scrapbooking. Your pages look great! I am still not convinced to turn digital though. Maybe someday when I have used up my stash...