Monday, June 23, 2008

It's so funny...

Man, I have laughed so hard today. Corinnea told this HISTERICAL story about her animals and their interesting personalities, Jenny P had a great story about Emily's inquisitive nature, and one of the other blogs I read posted about her kids understanding of time. So, in the spirit of "funny stories about our kids day"... here's how our day ended:

Me: Let's say our prayers.
Ethan: God can't hear me.
Me: Yes he can.
Ethan: But I can't hear him. He doesn't talk to me with his mouth.
Me: When Jesus lives in your heart (yeah, trying to explain that to a kid... challenging) you learn to hear him.
Ethan: (alarmed) Jesus can't live in my heart! He'll break it! He's too big!
Me: But He sends the Holy Spirit to live in your heart and he talks to you in your mind. (Treading on dangerously complicated topics here)
Ethan: He can't talk to me in my head! He'll make my head bleed!

Oh my. I eventually convinced him that life with Jesus was a GOOD thing, but wow it was tricky there for a few minutes! Now he's decided to try to fly to Heaven in an airplane, which actually dissolved into a whine about going on the airplane to see PawPaw. So cute!


  1. Almost spit my coffee out! That is sooo cute! What a tough thing to explain, but I think you did a good job. Although the "holy spirit in my heart" might have scared me when younger! I just love the funny things kids say. I raised my voice (ok, I yelled) at Jon and Emily said, "no mommy no! Be nice to daddy!". That little turd!

  2. OHHHH!! I miss you guys. :) Too bad I can;t have it both ways, the people I love in Germany AND the people I love at home. Oh well, I'll be back soon! Miss you guys!!

  3. Ok, I think I can do you one better. I was pregnant with my second child and Michael-four years old-asked me what babies eat. Here's how that conversation went:

    Michael: Mom what will the baby eat?

    Mom: Well, she will drink milk from my booby (yes I said booby, whatever).

    Michael: (Look of complete and utter horror) THAT IS DISGUSTING!

    Mom sits bemused wondering how I could have handled that better. Cut to two weeks later hanging out with a friend.

    Michael: Why is your baby eating from a bottle? My mommy said ours will drink from her boobies.

    Friend: Well, that is why God made men with small boobies and woman with larger ones. So that if they wanted to feed their babies that way they could.

    Michael: OH! OK!

    Ummm why didn't I think of that.Cut to about a month later.

    Mom: (breast feeding baby Madison) Michael look Madison is eating.

    (walking over, looking over Madison's head, reaching down and pulling my breast from her mouth) MOMMY! She isn't EATING your booby!

    OH NO WONDER he thought I was "disgusting!" He thought she was going to EAT my breast. Tee Hee :)