Thursday, February 12, 2009

No pictures to post

What an insane day. Trouble with the school bus... fighting with the Pazzle... boring forms to fill out for work... "upgrades" to our point of sale computers that actually make it HARDER to do our jobs... paper jams... usb sticks that didn't work in the Luci kiosk... kids screaming... waaaaaaaaa!!! It was a bizarre day. But at the end of it, Haven got to school, I finally got the Pazzle to work! (more on that tomorrow when I have pictures), the paper got unjammed, I got the usb sticks to work in the kiosk AND upgraded the color profiles (so the print quality should be better now), kids are in bed...... and it's only midnight. So... 7 hours till we do it again! Hahaha!


  1. Time for a vacation? Sounds like you deserve one!

  2. Yay!! Super Kelly! Thank you for all that you do, for all of us. ^_^ Most recently and specifically, thank you for getting the Luci kiosk to work for me so I could print all of my lovely pictures.