Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We started preparing for Easter on Friday. We decorated eggs in the afternoon and then went with the youth group up to the Birkenkopf (rubble hill) for a torch lit service. It was really special.

Saturday we went on base for the annual Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by CYS. Ethan was ... interesting. Once he got a place on the side he would NOT move. I wanted to go stand with JennyP and her girlies but Ethan was like a rock. He got about six candy filled plastic eggs.

Haven and Sarah went together and Haven got THREE special eggs. One was a free lunch to a new MWR restaraunt: Pancho Villa. I haven't tried it yet. Everyone who has gone has said it was "ok." I want OMG it was like eating in Texas! I guess I'm not going to get that here.... Oh well. Anyway, someone swiped her other two tickets, but she was ok because the only prizes they had left were big chocolate bunnies.
Sunday morning we all went to the services together. For the Youth service Rob introduced the "God Box" where the kids will be able to send "mail" to God. It's not a new concept, but I think it was new to this group. They seemed really moved by the idea. If they put offerings in the box they will go to different missions projects that we have going on.

Then we ate lunch outside on the patio. Grilled lamb cutlets (oh man....), roasted potatos, Spanakopita, Charoset, and fried tortillas. Baklava for desert. We had a baklava making class last Thursday so I've now made four baklavas in the last two weeks! I'm so over it. :) But I found Fillo dough at the Turkish store around the corner from our house and I will buy it from there from now on. It was frozen like in the commissary, but after it was thawed it was SO much fresher than the commissary stuff it was crazy! It made a big difference for the spanakopita.

Anyway, a nice quiet holiday celebrated with family. Hope you all enjoyed yours!

He is risen! He is risen indeed!


  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! Congrats on the digital stuff- does this mean you are going to be able to justify getting the really cool pen tablet?

  2. The torch lid service looks very special in deed. Congrats on your big, I mean HUGE accomplishment. Very proud of you :) Glad you and the family had a great weekend :)