Saturday, April 11, 2009

KD Designs

My kids say I'm addicted to the computer. My husband wonders if he's married to me or the computer. When I look at my surroundings I don't see trees, tiles, rocks, etc. I see scrapbook pages. Well, my obsession is finally paying off. I got accepted into a Digital Scrapbooking Shop (which is a pretty big deal) and I will be able to start selling my kits very soon!

I've set up a new blog just for digital scrapbooking. It's called Kelly's Digital Designs, or KD Designs for short. Click here.

And this is where my shop will be when I get some items uploaded. I still have several steps I need to do before I can get anything uploaded. Feel free to look around at the other designer's stuff.

I will need to choose a profile picture that shoppers will see when they look at my stuff. I have these three avatars that I have used in the past. Which one do YOU like?

I'm really excited about this and hope other people like my kits as much as I like making them!


  1. Kelly that is so AWESOME!!!! I can't believe it! This is great! I vote for your last avatar...I know it's not a real picture but I think that looks so digital and cute and that is what you are doing, digi design! So how did you get this job? Did you apply somewhere or did someone see your work and find you? You'll have to give us all the details on the forum. Congratulations!

  2. That's so cool! Congrats! Oh and I like the the third picture to.

  3. Congrats!!!! Very cool. I'll be different and say that I like the first one. It's a really good picture of you. Happy Easter!!

  4. Congrats Kelly! That is so exciting! I have to vote for the last avatar... that little drawing is so cute!

  5. Congratulations Kelly! That's fantastic news!!! I like the first one best, but they all work!

  6. I like the photos we took for the digi dare #27!
    And congratulations, we're all so proud of you:)

  7. Wow! That is great news. Congrats!
    I like the third one-very fun, just like you!