Friday, April 17, 2009

The Incredible Westward Journey and other novelties

Haven's school play, "The Incredible Westward Journey," was last night. It covered a bunch of the colonial events: building the railroad, displacing the Native Americans, Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, and others. Haven was a delivery girl looking for famous people to deliver stuff to. But she couldn't find them because they were either avoiding settling down or out discovering stuff.

Right before the play started Ethan wanted to take some photos. And he managed to set the camera to manual focus. So I spent the whole first scene trying to find the spot to put it back to auto focus. Of course Haven was only in the first scene, so most of my pictures are blurry. Grrrr.... (Before all you photographers go thinking I'm an idiot, the button was on the side of my camera marked only with abbreviations. I'm not referring to the M vs. Auto functions.)

Here's Haven and her "other half" Sarah.

And just for fun... I've been wanting a new kitchen timer and started looking for the perfect one. I found this geisha today at Real (Tchibo section). I love it!!!! It's so perfect for my black and white decor and my Asian dishes (that I will finish one day...). I bought the pear first and was torn because I really think it belongs in Jess's kitchen. But I needed it. Now that the geisha has found me the pear will go to Jess. (If you want it that is.)

And since the Martindale girls were on my mind today, Corinnea, I found you more backerbsen at Real. :)


  1. super super cute timer! what a find! I love Real. I was just thinking about posting about something I bought there recently but now I can't remember what I bought! Tell Haven I'm proud of her for getting up th ere on stage! SHe's more of a big girl than me:)

  2. Looks like the kids had a great time doing the play!

    The timers are great! I haven't seen them in cool shapes before!

    Backerbsen, YUM. Now I don't have to go all the way to Austria!

  3. That is so awesome because I saw the pear and was all that would be perfect in my kitchen!! That's awesome I LOVE IT!
    That's neat that they had a school play. i dont remember them doing anything like that while I was there... we just had christmas singing things no fun history/story stuff
    yeah and on the camera thing I just found my night/ sports and all those helpful settings on my 3 year old camera I had looked for them and finally gave up and thought it didn't have it... they were just hidden deep inside the settings... like they will really be useful if it takes that long to get to them anyway...

  4. oooh! Pretty timer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tchibo! I used to love going in their store, just to see what they had that was new! hehehe Man, the things I miss from there. sigh...
    Great job to Haven! She's so multi talented, just like her mama!! Have a great weekend
    LOVE your paper packs you've created! If I could ever sit down and figure out how to do all that, I'd be good. Maybe now that Justin's gone, that'll be on my list! :)