Thursday, September 24, 2009

Camping in the Bodensee

I did mention this camping trip in a blog back in June, but never posted the after pictures. Rob and Haven went with the youth group down to the Bodensee (one of the main lakes in Germany) for a weekend camping trip. Ethan and I stayed behind. I'm not really into camping and Ethan had a birthday party to attend. I am sorry I missed Shana getting baptised in the lake though. That must have been really neat!
Today is Haven's birthday and we're having a sleepover. As soon as I have some time and internet connection again I will post pics. 12 today! Where did the time go?!?


  1. I really can't believe how old she is, even though she's older than her years sometimes...Glad she had fun.

  2. Beautiful and fun LO...might have to, you know, scrap lift it :) Happy Happy Birthday to Haven :) Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  3. Happy birthday, Haven!!

    I love the font that you use, you made it from your handwriting, right? You should include it in a kit!

  4. Happy 12th Birthday, Haven!! You are such a beautiful young lady and we are very proud of you. Love always, Ace and Margaret M.