Monday, September 21, 2009

We went to the new apartment yesterday to take measurements and plan where all the furniture will go, and to see what furniture has to stay behind. We can take most of our stuff, and hopefully Emanuel will take some stuff when he moves out. Here’s some photos of the new place:

Apartment in Magstadt
The top two floors of the building are ours. Bottom left, small pictures: 1) the smaller balcony on the upper floor. 2) My future craft room! Oh yeah! There’s a duplicate room that will be the electronics room (video games, music equipment, etc.) 3) One wall of the living room with big windows. Right two photos are my favorite features: 1) Corner tub in the main bathroom (there’s two bathrooms and one shower room, all with toilets) and 2) the kitchen. I think it has double the counter space of what we have now.

We sat and ate lunch at a little sports bar (the only thing still serving food that late in the afternoon) and got a feel for our new little village. We have about one week before the move so we’ll be packing every day.

For some reason our internet connection got messed up a couple of weeks ago and can’t be fixed. We aren’t really trying too hard since we’re moving so soon. So I’m going to schedule a few posts of things you’ve missed of our summer. Hopefully that will give you something interesting to read while we move.


  1. I LOVE your new place! Hope the move goes as smoothly as moves can go....

  2. Ohhh!! It looks so pretty and fresh! Love it! The tub is fantastic!

  3. I LOVE moving! not physically moving the stuff but unpacking and rearranging and new places. I think the longest we've stayed in a place has been here in this apartment (4 years)! I just like change...anyway, I cna't wait to see it and I'm SO jealous of your craft room! Me and the girls want to move in..:)

  4. Love your new home. It looks soooo spacious. hope the moving is going well :)

  5. I love the house, and your bath tub! Can you send it to my house? Good luck with the move. It will be all worth it after you get things set up. Love, Ace and Margaret M.