Monday, September 7, 2009

Open House

The potential buyers all came through the house this evening. We spent the weekend cleaning the basement and touching up some places where the wallpaper was really dirty. And general cleaning. There were a lot of families/couples who came to look at the house. The most exciting was Karen Oleksa and her husband! (For those of you who don't know, she used to work at the Gussy Goose with me and Jennifer.) They were really interested and I think it would be cool if they bought it. So now it's packing and cleaning for the next few weeks. So if you have moving boxes I'm begging!

In other news, Emanuel ended up NOT taking the job because it ended up being some kind of insurance scam. So my child care is not in turmoil anymore! And I got my IPOD back. Apparently I ran over it when I dropped it because the LCD is cracked in several places. But amazingly it still works! Someone turned it in to the school office and Haven picked it up for me. I think it's awesome that someone turned it in! It's just too bad that it's broken because Ethan really likes playing games on it. Thems the breaks....

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