Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coffee Convention

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the restaurant and hotel trade show, where there was an entire hall dedicated to one of my great obsessions - coffee! I had coffee, and hot chocolate, and little cakes, and cookies, and a waffle on a stick, and a mini pancake that came out of a conveyor belt and and and.... Oh the sugar high.... The waffle on a stick machine was really cool! I think we'll order one for the BOSS program to make waffles during their fundraisers and stuff. Maybe the craft shop can use it during parties! Oh, one place did lattes with After Eight mints at the bottom of the glass! mmmmmm..... Anyway, not too much else to tell about it. Lots of coffee... lots and lots of yummy coffee....


  1. Oh man, I'm trying not to hate you right now. I have to go make coffee right now. My mom and I have been talking about bringing out the waffle iron to test some new ideas. I'll bring some into work =)

  2. I love waffles! especially the choclate chip waffle pancake mix from williams-sonoma! what does a waffle on a stick look like? What a fun day for you!