Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-Day!

I posted this fun little word art on my designer blog. Feel free to download!

This morning one of the moms brought banana nut muffins with chocolate chips cook in! Oh my.... All I have to say is, why didn't I ever think of that! Yummy!


  1. yummy!! That sound delicious, I will need to try it.... thanks for the word art ;)Happy Valentines to you too...

  2. Cute word art. ^_^ The bakery that I love back home makes a Chocolate Chip Banana Nut is divine! My mom and sister and I used to go there before school and get one to share for breakfast. I miss that bakery...

  3. Not so different from banana bread with nutella on it! Chcolate chips in all baked goods is my motto! Or is it peanutbutter chips in all baked goods... BOTH! I feel that way about m&m's in cookies. Never thought about that even though I've seen them before.
    I love fonts where each letter is different. LOVE this!!