Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Men's Shirt Refashion

I am so far behind on posting to the blog I don't know how I'm going to get caught up.... I haven't even posted pictures of when my mom was here back in JUNE! Feeling quite overwhelmed by my "to sort" bin in the photos folder. Well, I have to start somewhere, so I'm starting with a sewing project!

The Men's Shirt Refashion

With straps, without, and back view (with straps)

Closeup of shirring.

I saw the tutorial on the Ruffles and Stuff blog back in May. Click ---->here<---- for the tutorial. I basically did exactly what she said, but I made a few minor changes. First off, no, I did not raid DH's closet, as my choices were black, black, or black. I went to the thrift store and got an XL shirt for $3! I really want that pink one Disney had in her post, but alas, I will have to wait for the pink Tommy to go on sale at the PX. Or the purple one. Cuz you know they'll end up on sale.... ANYWAY... back to the modifications.

1. I did not start and stop the shirring like you're supposed to. I made a u-turn at the end and kept going. If you do that, you have to be sure you pull out some thread. When you iron it later you don't want it to shrink upwards. Make sense? (I did think that if the u-turn method didn't work, a great way to hide all the elastic ends would be to sew twill tape down on the inside.)
2. I added elastic around the top to make it tighter. Without the elastic it was not going to stay up. I sewed it right to the inside of the shirt, but next time I will make a casing. The elastic is scratchy if I don't wear a shirt underneath.
3. I did not add extra snaps to keep the shirt closed. I sewed that puppy all the way down. I did NOT want gapping between the buttons and since it's shirred there is plenty of stretch to pull it over your head.
4. Instead of ties I made straps. I shirred the straps to make them stretchy. I have a problem with straps falling off my shoulders. This way they are tight when I'm slouchy, but they stretch when necessary and don't fall off.

I really enjoyed this project and will do it again! Next time I will make these additional changes:
1. I will make the straps removable by putting buttons (use from the sleeve cuffs) on the inside and putting button holes in the straps. That way when I want to wear it without straps I can take them off instead of tucking them inside the shirt.
2. I will make the elastic casing at the top.

I have two more men's shirts in the "to do" pile. One might end being this refashion instead, but we'll see!

** Photo frames by Katie Pertiet found here **


  1. I love this one! It turned out great.

    I still have my shirt sitting, waiting....

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