Friday, August 13, 2010

Simple Solutions - Jewelry

* Photo cluster by Katie Pertiet purchased here.

I have started referring to my colleagues (Katelyn, Jenny, and Adrienne) as my personal jewelry designers. Some days I choose my outfit based on what earrings I feel like wearing. Some days I wait until I get to work and buy a new pair of earrings. And some days I buy something (like one of Jenny's necklaces) and tell myself, I'll find something to wear with that eventually. Yes, I might have a problem. But who can resist these beauties!?!

I needed a solution for my growing collection of hand made jewelry. I started with the necklaces. I had been thinking about how to hang them for quite some time. Maybe hooks, a box of some type, one of those jewelry cases (but I don't really have room for that)... then this idea of the sticky hooks came to me. In our new place we have a bathroom mirror with two little cabinets. On the inside of both doors (only one is pictured) I hung the sticky hooks at varying heights to accommodate the necklaces.

I had the earrings on a little stand with hooks, but the growing collection kept knocking the stand over. I asked the girls how they stored their earrings and they had some cool ideas. But I didn't have space for the kinds of things they mentioned. So, the sticky hooks saved the day again! I remembered this gaudy necklace I bought on a whim once and never wore out of the house. It has different sized chain links and beads in between. I strung it between the two cabinets and high enough on the mirror that I can see under it. Then I hung each pair of earrings in one of the links. I love it! I love being able to see all the earrings in one glance and see what I've got!

Feel free to share your creative jewelry solutions in the comments!

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  1. OH! I love your chain idea! I don't really wear earring but I may have to make a variation of your idea for my mom!